About me

Here are a few pointers about me

– I gym regularly and eat healthy
– I share equally in the household chores and do the odd DIY
– I am faithful to my wife despite the fact I am not blind
– I have 6 people directly reporting to me at work
– I have a highly prestigious professional business qualification
– I am not wealthy but I am in the top tax bracket
– I am patriotic but have a global outlook to life
– I moved my folks from the hood
– I am ambitious
– I have fears and insecurities
– I am a dreamer
– I communicate clearly and lovingly with my wife and kids on a daily basis
– I talk a lot, especially about hip hop, sport and investments
– I am an investor and contribute to charity
– I used to be skinny but now am toned
– I used to be socially awkward but now I network and am tactful
– I used to drink and drive but now it is one or the other
– I used to be too conservative but now I have previously, and currently enable others’ dreams
– I used to avoid confrontation but now I stand up for my family and my beliefs
– I can do more living, loving, laughing, trying, doing, exploring.
– I can do much more

I am not sufficiently fashionable nor passionate. I know it’s true because she told me so.