my nature (misc)

had my nature been sweet i wud hav sent u a tinkie

had i been feeling freaky i’d hav sent a toy with di-battery

but it’s hard to present the sound of how i feel

my love i’m being for real, why not rewind this reel…

Reel love

pretty poetry is not really my thing

but flying is, but til now i cant seem to grow a wing

(so) we cant live life like a league n just follow the fixture

at times when u step out the frame that’s when u’ll get the full picture….

I hate muzik – pt. 1

i hate music

u know how misery loves company?
this boys craves misery.
no mystery, this winter’s been bleak
even with this country’s miserable history.
i woke up midday on sunday – was like “eish, whateva”
10,000 more jobs to vanish n more freaking grey weather.
with a hangover,
but last nite oh-dee_i was sober.
yip, it must be the hunger.
jump out of bed drooling like when zuma fiending for a shower
on a hot night after unwrapping a gift gift wrapped with kanga.
could check ‘the times’ online but soon remembered it’s dizemba,
all the real journos are at home with a skuif n a steak.
so to the kitchen i escaped
cereal or cereal; what on earth will he take?
overlook the organic bcos that kak really tastes fake.
soon i was like “shait!”
i say “huh?”; i see – no clean dish!
was ready to flip n throw n bee-ef like a fit bitch.
so sorry i saw ipod cos then my day switched,
bad mood – gone.
how could i not groove with barry white’s ‘my everything’ on?
then some saul williams
‘this type of love’ had me in stiches ‘cos i recognised the funny feelings.
did the dishes with a smile;
what a sight to behold.
ntate caiphus semenya n bra hugh gave me inspiration to be bold
be bold in life and not fear getting old.
like toys to a child, frown turned smile
so much for being mr miserable brit –
i wont be trying that in a while

Getto luv

Getto luv

only one look in their eye to see these kids is incredibly ghetto,
gang whistle or small stones on house roof more likely than ‘hello’.
serious conversations mostly filled with ‘sho’ n grunts,
funny, more descriptive diction used to describe big blunts n butts.
very a many of us to this life can relate,
altho most of us didnt adopt it, we sure appreciate it.
so show love n respect to all the ghetto boyz,
n all the ayoba ghetto missies holla back with that noyz