Preachers are getting paid; I swear God is calling me/

#Black live matter, what?! Stop god, you’re killing me.

White sneakers, squeaky floors; these kids ain’t balling?/

Newspaper headlines; I swear the sky is falling. 

Welcome to the world where ‘what is’ is not what it be,

Active kids are boning and the sports fields are kid-free.

Welcome to our world where intimate is not just you and me,

Love is shared instantly; ‘likes’ indicate validity.

Welcome to the #newWorld where you’re free to fight,

twars or wars; any way you like/

Any cause is right,

Just keep your hashtags tight!

Welcome to the world where the new ish is old ish,

De-ja-moo world;- Old cows are like, “I swear I’ve seen this bull ish!”

South Africa: Stay or Go?

“All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” We still have good people in South Africa who are willing to stand up and fight, and as long as I’m alive I want to be part of the solution.

Why I will not demonstrate and potentially die for my country

This Burundian Life

This blog could be very short since the answer to the title is quite simple: because it’s my choice to make and I don’t want to.

Before you go ahead and call me a coward or waggle the oh so famous “wanka gusesera amaraso igihugu imbwa zikayanwa kuri gusa” in my face (I love dogs by the way), allow me to explain my decision.

Not a single fiber of my being looks like that of a soldier’s. To me a nation is just too vague; it’s an entity I have a hard time feeling a part of or emotionally attached to. To put things into perspective, I’d die for my family. I am ready to fight like a lioness for them, kill and die in the process because they deserve such sacrifice.
Let’s just say that my willingness to die is highly situationally specific, and dying for a country is…

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