Builder’s love note

I hope you’ll get the sincerity of what I am stressing
I’d leave my being behind and leave you not guessing (not!)
But I know you love the mess I am so my cards I’ll keep playing.
You are such a perfect being
‘Perfect’ and ‘being’ being oxymoron but you are exactly what I am seeking.
I won’t lie and say you’re all I have got
but if you’re not here or not happy then unhappiness is all I have got.
I love u my baby,
for being pretty
for being gritty
we’re living at gods’ time so we can never be a quicky.
Before you ek het vir ander meisies ge-holla maar hulle wou nie luister
I said let’s build but they were out of their depths when we were still at the foundation
Nou hulle wil ‘pitch-in’ want hulle sien die tuin ‘n water fontein.
Ek gee hulle geen attention –
me n my stekkie is klaar gebou en wil nou pluister


This image reminded me of ‘Thaba ya Baratani’ in Botswana. That’s in Otse on the road between Gabz and Lobatse.

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