A little something I wrote down soon after Pres Mbeki resigned. Julius Malema had threatened to kill for Jacob Zuma. The court circus was only warming up then…



Strange how our land’s so sunny when it’s really so shady,

For being this ‘patriotic’ I wonder if some youth ‘leader’ would slay me?

Some people will say anything to be the life of the party

Bar-coded kids of Mzanzi feeling edgy, anxious about the new foster daddy.

Fosta as in adopting, as in Perseverance

This man couldn’t find ‘quit’ if it was the only word in a sentence,

Or perhaps he thinks it’s French and all of it is pronounce silent.

And with the justice system gagged up how can a judge read his sentence?

Or is he the real Mayoyo cause he’s the real Innocent?

What about his machine gun song; is he gang related?

Good question that one – arm’s deal is where it started.


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