A friend once said told me,

“Youth unemployment is such a thorny issue,

handled by pricks and cowards tip toeing around the matter like it is pins and needles.

We’re left out and forgotten in the cold;

we’ll get back in the fold to embarrass like white shirts and chilled nipples”

He went on to recite…


With our mouths dry and palms sweaty,

Tea time could be anytime,

And boys are we ready?!

We’re not fasting sir; just hungry.

We’re not after only the money,

But that’d be a great start.

And we’re not blowing hot air,

That’d make our words farts like arse,

And make this struggle of us a farce…

Go ahead; ridicule our dreams as silly riddles

Silly how you could end up in a pickle

What you stand to lose could be like a muddy plot – watch it thicken

The outcome for your family – disastrous

Us, ‘the bad guys’ victorious

And there are so many,

It will take a second big bang to get rid of us.

Jail, pain and death all tired of us,

Yes, life’s toys-r-us

You’ll stand against us only to fall like a girl’s bust

We keep stomping along time like it’s month March.

We don’t want much or need much

Good education would help much, and cost little.

A safe environment and opportunity to let the pennies trickle.

When the youth yell JOBS corporates scream UNEMPLOYABLE

Misery of millions summed up as UNENJOYABLE..

Truth be told, not many I would give a job;

They would blow it.

Scatterbrains aplenty like scarecrows guarding cobs.

I still say, ‘Don’t sob, it’s not your fault’

Billions to improve our lives kept locked in a vault

Can’t see how prudency will help when the masses revolt

We need to change the system and not revolve around the vote


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