Lost scroll

I call myself oh-dee_i until I die.

Ol’ Dirty is the name then we come to “I”.

An introvert, ignorant, ill type of intellect.

I talk trash, act rash and make nonsense relevant.

A good fella that the good Lord sent.

Cats think I’m finished but I’m not yet spent.

I’m god sent but hellbent on living off rent.

My physique’s unique but my spirit represents,

The past gods til O-D-i in the present.

Hot damn look what breath I possess.

I breathe fresh breath into your mental terrain…

Gangsta rap made me do it


*This is not the song by Ice Cube, sorry. This is paraphrasing of my Toastmasters CC2 speech. Enjoy*

In 2008 there were 29 teenage murders in London. On a near daily basis the papers and telly would go on and introduce the latest victim and profile some of the gangs in killings. The city and country were in utter shock and in a state of panic. At the height of this murder wave, then London mayor, Ken Livingstone went on television offering his expert opinion on what could be the cause of this horrendous phenomenon. To little surprise, at least to myself, he placed the blame on rap music. He went on about how the art form is a scourge that poisons the minds of the youth with its glamourisaton of guns and violence. At that point I mentally logged out, switched off the TV, reached for my beloved 160gb silver iPod.

I put on my headphones and indulged in my favourite pastime; listening to rap music. Little known to Mr Ken and his type is the fact that rap music is an inspirational and aspirational art form. I have previously listened to rap for entertainment and to learn English and isiZulu when I was younger. Little known to myself was that the secret to my success was kept between the beats and bars trapped in that iPod. What I am getting at is that it is rap music that guided me into positively obsessing about ‘making it’. And to me making it means i) leaving a strong legacy, ii) achieving financial success and freedom, and iii) living a long and healthy life. Weird, isn’t it? A young professional giving credit for his success to rap music?!

Rap?!! Yes! Gangsta rap made me do it. If I were to be put on the stand in my old age I would gladly testify on the inspiration of my successes. I would testify how hip hop gangsta rap motivated me to study, achieve, live well and inspire.

Here is how rap has been grooming me;

  1. Leaving a strong legacy through having strength of character

The rhythmic poetry of Eminem, Common, 2Pac and Proverb taught me about harnessing knowledge of self and street/environmental awareness. Common themes included ‘keeping it real’, outfoxing your enemies, introspection, gratitude for life and opportunities, and assertiveness.

  1. Financial success and economic freedom

Before Juju and Floyd had the E.F.F, before Mandela and Mbeki’s B.E.E. I had the W.T.C., which is the Wu-Tang Clan telling me about CREAM. Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Another inspirational rap character Jay Z preaches and practices philanthropy, generational wealth accumulation, investing, diversifying in business and also encouraging prosperity.

  1. Health is wealth

Well, not in rap. In fact rap music’s lyrics are consistently filled with tales of drugs, violence and promiscuity. So in this instance I saw that this was a clear wrong and not something to look up to. With album titles such as ‘The Chronic’, ‘Get Rich or Die Trying’ and ‘Ready to Die’ sometimes all it takes a is wrong to appreciate what is right.  Rappers’ high mortality rate and low life expectancy helped me to appreciate healthy living, diet and mental wellness. I read a whole lot so that I do not come across as daft as some of my favourite rappers.

With that being said I have learnt so much more right than wrong from rap.  When faced with the prospect of a live of poverty hip-hop chooses to hustle. When stealing seems the way to go rap teaches one to create value. When life is boring and repetitive rap music offers creative and inspiration entertainment for the young and young at heart.



Although they are being constantly accused and blamed for the world’s ills my unlikely heroes and inspiration in life are those caricature guys in baggy jeans and oversized shiny watches. Through their reality and aspiration based rhymes these fellas are guiding me towards my life’s goals of leaving a strong legacy, achieving financial success and freedom and living a long, healthy life. When the world admires my success I will be the first to proudly claim, “Yes, gangsta rap made me do it! “






Now I get that quote, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

When I’m at my best it scares me a bit but it seems to scare those witnessing it even more. I see the look in people’s eyes and I feel the energy they give off. They can get overawed, but then I see that they really appreciate it. At times anyway. When a person is at their absolute best the person sitting on the opposite end is either thrilled or highly intimidated. It all depends whether they are with you or against you at that moment. Your boundless energy is likely to further their interests or it is a threat to their plans.

Upon self-reflection I realise that I have been scared of scaring others away. Afraid to be that ‘outlier’ unit among the standard issue products. I have been avoiding what is meant for me; greatness. From this day onwards I shall embrace me for who I am. I am now free of my safety blanket, my comfort zone, and I am announcing my presence and intent to take what is mine. What I offer to the world is a spectacle, a free viewing of a man being the best that he can be. Do not stand in my way. Should you wish to be a winner come with me.

I will end off with another famous quote, “No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light.”


The ruler of success

A relative recently asked, “how does one measure success?” Some genius replied that first, you take out a ruler… Sometimes a long answer is a better reply to a short question.

In many fields of life there are measures of success, for example in business – how many people you employ or the profit you make; in football – how many goals you score, etc. In one’s private life there can also be externally imposed measures of success, that is, expectations that other place on you. Did you graduate? Are you happily married and rich with 2 perfect kids, and are you doing better than all those celebrities we worship so much? No? Well then…

Other measures of success are self imposed. Losing weight, gaining promotion, starting a business, writing an autobiography by age 29. These are objective measures and so they should be easy to measure. However these benchmarks are usually determined to appease ones emotions. To create a sense of accomplishment. So setting cold stats as targets is easy, doing so from an emotional angle complicates matters.

So it should be easy to measure success but it is not, but either way all you need is a measure. In things regarding a short length a ruler is used to measure success. In life a ruler is unlikely to do the trick…

my nature (misc)

had my nature been sweet i wud hav sent u a tinkie

had i been feeling freaky i’d hav sent a toy with di-battery

but it’s hard to present the sound of how i feel

my love i’m being for real, why not rewind this reel…

Reel love

pretty poetry is not really my thing

but flying is, but til now i cant seem to grow a wing

(so) we cant live life like a league n just follow the fixture

at times when u step out the frame that’s when u’ll get the full picture….

About me

Here are a few pointers about me

– I gym regularly and eat healthy
– I share equally in the household chores and do the odd DIY
– I am faithful to my wife despite the fact I am not blind
– I have 6 people directly reporting to me at work
– I have a highly prestigious professional business qualification
– I am not wealthy but I am in the top tax bracket
– I am patriotic but have a global outlook to life
– I moved my folks from the hood
– I am ambitious
– I have fears and insecurities
– I am a dreamer
– I communicate clearly and lovingly with my wife and kids on a daily basis
– I talk a lot, especially about hip hop, sport and investments
– I am an investor and contribute to charity
– I used to be skinny but now am toned
– I used to be socially awkward but now I network and am tactful
– I used to drink and drive but now it is one or the other
– I used to be too conservative but now I have previously, and currently enable others’ dreams
– I used to avoid confrontation but now I stand up for my family and my beliefs
– I can do more living, loving, laughing, trying, doing, exploring.
– I can do much more

I am not sufficiently fashionable nor passionate. I know it’s true because she told me so.