Preachers are getting paid; I swear God is calling me/

#Black live matter, what?! Stop god, you’re killing me.

White sneakers, squeaky floors; these kids ain’t balling?/

Newspaper headlines; I swear the sky is falling. 

Welcome to the world where ‘what is’ is not what it be,

Active kids are boning and the sports fields are kid-free.

Welcome to our world where intimate is not just you and me,

Love is shared instantly; ‘likes’ indicate validity.

Welcome to the #newWorld where you’re free to fight,

twars or wars; any way you like/

Any cause is right,

Just keep your hashtags tight!

Welcome to the world where the new ish is old ish,

De-ja-moo world;- Old cows are like, “I swear I’ve seen this bull ish!”